Were they the golden days of escorting in London?

I have been out of working for London escorts for about 15 years. When I left London escorts, I did so to marry a nice man. He was a lot older than me, but we had a good time together. We moved to Spain together and ten years later, his health started to decline. Sadly he died of a heart attack and I was left on my own. Our Spanish lifestyle was great, but now I feel that I would like to spend some more time in London.


What am I going to do during my time in London? Well, I thought about going back to work for London escorts but I am not sure it is for me anymore. I really enjoyed my time with the escort agency in London, but things seem to have changed a lot. It is hard to believe how many escort agencies have sprung up in London. The girls who work as escorts in London seem to come from all over the place, and I am not sure that I would get on with them.


The other thing that fascinates me are the many different dating styles. When I worked for London escorts, we did not have anything like duo dating and escorts for couples. All of this sound a bit crazy to me. Would I enjoy being part of an escorts for couples service? I am not even sure I would know where to start, and it would be a bit like relearning everything again. It  seems a little bit of Disneyland to me.


Have London escorts lost the point of escorting? I think that they may have done so. When I was into escorting, it was all about companionship and looking after your dates. I feel that most escorts in London are not about that now. They seem to have this approach to escorting that I don’t recognize. I don’t think that I am too far of the mark if I say that the girls who work as escorts in London now, more or less offer an entertainment service. Would I want to be someone’s entertainment? I am not sure about that.


It could be that I forget the idea. When I was involved in escorting in London, we were real professionals and had a lot of style. That was one of the reasons my husband feel for me. When I look at pictures of London escorts now, I think that they are well too poorly dressed and even look a bit cheap. There is no way that I would dress and look like the girls who I see smiling back at me from various websites. Would I want to appear on a website? No, I don’t think so, and in reality, I am probably a little bit to settled in my lifestyle to do well working for an escort service in London. I am sure that there is something else I can do when I am in London, and I think I will look into getting myself a job in a store or something like that.



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