The latest trend is to have an online dining companion.

I know that lots of gents like to make a date with me at Hendon escorts of and take me out for dinner, but I do wonder if the Korean concept would take off here in the UK as well. Okay, a lot of my dates are with international business men and I do wonder if they would be interested in meeting me online once they have left the country. It is amazing what people do online these days, and I am sure that if I would put my mind to it, I would be able to come up with an online business.

A couple of the girls here at Hendon escorts are running their own online business already. Most of the girls do stuff like affiliate marketing or they sell lingerie. I know that they are doing well but I would like to do something different. There are so many places online where you can buy toys or lingerie, and i think that I would just end up running a run of the mill web site if I launched something like that. Really, I am not sure that is for me.

If I were to set up a web site outside of Hendon escorts, I think it would have to be something radically different. I spoke to a web site designer the other day, and he seemed to rather like my ideas. He said that the best thing you can do is to keep it simple and don’t make it too complicated. He got my idea of cyber dating, and seemed to think that it would be an idea that could work really well for me. Okay, it is not the cheapest service to set.

I do have some money I could invest but I need to make sure that I have enough time to run the service away from Hendon escorts. A couple of the girls who used to work for the agency have set up their own web chat services and are doing really well. However, I would want to do something really different as I believe this is what would make me the most money. Just another chat site may not do so well and I would be much more interested in setting up another service which I could incorporate in the work I do for the escort’s service.

There is no way that I would do something totally crazy but I have been thinking about remote control toys. There are a load of remote control toys that you can use online. Last week I had some time off from Hendon escorts and I found that many of these toys can actually be shared. So if I had a boyfriend in Japan, I could share the pleasure of my toys with him. Of course, he would have to have the same toy, or we would have to use some sort of APP. I think that could actually work and at the same time be a bit of crazy fun for a girl like me.

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